Everyone's Favorite Cousin


The Pishar are an avian-like race native to Izranir. They are one of the original five sapient races.

Average Height Average Length Cosmos Ability
?ft - ?ft ?ft - ?ft Medium



They are the builders of Izranir, and most of its infrastructure today would not exist without them.

If it involves creating something, chances are a Pishar's into it. Art, engineering, construction, architecture, etc. Most Pishar have some kind of creative hobby, even if it's nothing so grand as the listed examples. Many are content to simply tinker with things idly, and with helping the local townsfolk fix and improve their broken... broken anything, really.

Some Pishar also love to collect things, regardless of their usefulness. They may claim it's for making something down the road, but they really just like having a small hoard of their own.


  • The Pishar do not have a traditional family structure. They often roam the land until they find some kind of community with few to no Pishar already present, and take up roost there.
  • The standard communal family on Izranir will usually have many Sodana and Naza, a few Zra, and only one Pishar, whom they always refer to as their cousin.
  • A second cousin is sometimes possible if the family is large enough.
  • None theless, the Pishar are social and will contact their biological families from time to time to touch base.



  • Pishar have two sets of arms which split at the elbow. One pair is conventional, and the other pair is a set of wings allowing for flight.
  • To fly, they fold their arms up towards their shoulders, which causes their wings to fan out. Their arms can lock in this position, allowing them to hold it for long periods at a time.
  • The Pishar are very lightweight despite their size, given their hollow bones.
  • Pishar and Runner-type Zra often hold competitions to determine which species flies the best, or the fastest, or who can fly through the most obstacles. So far, the record is even.




Since the Pishar do not have a typical family structure, instead preferring to live in a pre-established communal family, it was traditionally difficult for them to find suitable mates.

One Pishar had the bright idea to set up a cosmic network that would allow them to send messages to one another long-distance. This is how the internet was born.

Other races saw this and suggested more uses for the cosmic network, and the Pishar began to expand it to as many regions of Izranir as they could. It's a rarity today to find any community without the internet.

All pishar are omnivores and have sharp teeth.

Yes, even this one.

Pishar have a variety of beak shapes based on their native environment.

Aquatic Pishar do exist, but are rare.

Cosmic Luminescence

Pishar cosmic luminescence is shown in their eyes as an unchanging color, and on their feather and beak as a series of colors connected to their mood and state of being, essentially acting as a cosmic mood ring. The Pishar can weave their cosmos into their creations, and their will and state of being at the time affects the outcome. For example, a grumpy Pishar toymaker will often end up making precocious toys that act on their own and out of line. Using too much cosmos in their creations will cause their colors to dull, and the Pishar will become fatigued. The colors will return over the course of a few days if the Pishar is given enough time to rest.