The Slinky Dragon


The Zra are a dragon-like species native to Izranir and are one of the five known sapient races. There are two main subspecies of Zra: Climbers and Runners.

Average Height Average Length Cosmos Ability
3ft - 5ft 5ft - 8ft High
  • Prone to appearing nosy and vain
  • Dull or earth-toned colors are rare on Zra, and are considered an oddity
  • Zra value physical features over body color, and will often seek out mates which possess desirable traits, such as a unique crest, feather or scale pattern, etc.
  • Friendly with the other four species
  • Commonly stereotyped as scholarly types, such as librarians, researchers, teachers, mages, etc.
  • Metaturnal sleep pattern


  • Clawed hands and feet allow for better grip
  • Can glide for extended durations
  • Excellent vertical jump
  • Typically physically stronger than Runners


  • Hooves allow for better traction
  • Faster flight speed than Climbers
  • Excellent horizontal jump
  • Typically more agile than Climbers
Kahleem Zari
Can switch between bipedal and quadrupedal movement.


  • Have both arm and back wings, although only one set will allow flight
  • Cannot reproduce
  • Mismatches between wings and hands/feet can occur, such as Runner-type wings with Climber-type feet
  • Hybrid Zra have a slightly higher chance of birth defects

Very flexible: can contort to fit into small spaces



Rare but well-known defects:

  • Wings being too small for flight
  • Lack of membrane or feathers on wings
  • Inability to maintain a metaturnal sleep pattern
  • "Cosmic Overlap": When Zra eyes repeatedly gain imprints, eventually requiring medical/cosmic intervention to correct. (Often erasing the imprints.)
  • "Cosmic Misalignment": When the imprint does not appear on the surface of the eyes, but somewhere else on the body.

Cosmic Luminescence

A Zra Nest

Generally within the first few months of the Zra's life, an image will imprint itself on the surface of its eyes. This imprint is typically one the Zra resonates with or finds familiar or comforting. The imprint typically exerts a strong influence over the Zra's cosmic abilities.

Blind Zra may still obtain an imprint. Eyeless Zra typically do not obtain an imprint unless they possess the Cosmic Misalignment defect.


  • Generally gets along well with aliens, and have been known to allow them into their communities
  • Particularly curious about alien dragons


  • Share a common language with the other species
  • Have their own native language, but is only learned out of academic interest

Cosmos Abilities

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